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FSM Social Security Administration hires new Technical Specialist at Chuuk Branch Office

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Beginning of October 2018, Polly Meika was hired as the new Technical Specialist at the FSM Social Security Chuuk Branch Office. He attended COM-FSM beginning year 2015 and attained his Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration in  2017. He continued with the 3rd year program and attained his Third Year Certificate in General Business a year later. Polly was chosen out of the many applicants who applied for his qualifications best suits the requirements of the position. The administration is confident that he would be able to use his knowledge and skills to meet the goals of a Technical Specialist at the branch office. Upon being hired, Polly felt privileged to be serving the people of the FSM. He looked forward to carrying out the job goals and meeting its needs.

Furthermore, Polly likes working with people and could be of great company. His outspoken mind and open handed skills could be of asset to the FSM Social Security Administration. His friendliness will be of great instance as he serves the beneficiaries and people of Chuuk. He enjoys the company of family and friends in his free time.

FSMSSA welcomes Mr. Polly Meika aboard and looks forward to attain support and good deeds that he would contribute to the system.


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Introducing FSMSSA Voluntary Contributions through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Program

The FSM Social Security Administration wishes to invite all interested FSM citizens working abroad to participate in the program. Public Law 14-86, which was passed on October 23, 2006, created a new provision within the social security law that would allow a citizen of the FSM working abroad to voluntarily contribute into the system to earn the right to benefits. FSM citizens who are actually working outside of the FSM, Palau or Marshalls can make voluntary contributions. In order for an abroad citizen to apply for Voluntary Contribution through the ACH, our official website – has prepared printable forms to (1) enroll in the program, (2) authorize the transactions, and (3) to authorize retroactive payments.  Once these forms are filled and sent to the main office for processing, FSMSSA will collect their quarterly taxes from their account through online ACH. After every transaction, a receipt will be sent to the contributor while the bank documents the transfer in the contributor’s passbook.

For persons who are self-employed or regular employees outside of the FSM, Republic of Palau and Republic of the Marshall Islands, they may make voluntary contributions to receive quarters of coverage and to accumulate payments to their minimum contribution requirements, even if they are contributing to another Social Security system. The person must make payments to FSM SSA in the FSM, and file a quarterly return. Any person making these voluntary contributions is subject to the same deadlines as any other taxpayer. The person must also pay both the employee and employer’s share of the social security tax. The quarterly earnings are fixed at $1,250.00

It applies also to FSM citizens now.

For persons who are self-employed sole proprietors with no employees in the FSM, which can include farmers and fishermen, and who make less than $10,000.00 per year, may make contributions to the Social Security System. The person will be deemed to make $1,250.00 per quarter, and they must pay the employee and the employer’s share. After January 1, 2013, the payment is $93.75 for the employee’s share and $93.75 for the employer’s share, totaling $187.50 per quarter. Any self-employed person electing to make such voluntary contributions must file quarterly returns and is subject to the same deadlines as any other taxpayer. If revenue received by a self-employed person is $10,000.00 or more, they are subject to the regular mandatory contribution provisions.


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FSMSSA participates in 8th FSM National Women’s Conference

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On August 28, 2018, FSMSSA Deputy Administrator Francky Ilai attended the International Women’s conference held in Pohnpei at the College of Micronesia, FSM- China Friendship gym. Every year this conference was held, and women all over Micronesia come together to attend and learn from each other, as well share ideas and issues needed for awareness. This year’s theme was: “Continue to build and support social development that is inclusive for women across FSM”. The objectives of the conference included providing a platform where women from the four states can come together and engage in discussions on matters/issues affecting them, to have a forum where FSM national and state level stakeholders can harmonize their understanding and status of women’s issues in relation to different policy frameworks at the national, regional and international level and to unify the collective efforts of the country’s response to resolving women’s issues, and to engage the participants of the forum with resource people in different fields to uplift the level of understanding and support for women and girls in FSM. Deputy Administrator Ilai made a presentation that touched on issues relevant to women as stakeholder in Social Security. Generally he shared the history of the program since its establishment, along with its financial status and performances. He further touched on the types of benefits offered and specifics of eligibilities. Part of the presentation was based on taxes paid. Ilai as well shared the challenges the program had been or is faced with, as shown in the diagram below.

After all, questions were then raised for clarifications.


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FSMSSA Administrator presents at R&D Conference

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FSM Social Security Administrator Alexander R. Narruhn attended the FSM Resources and Development Conference at the Pohnpei State Governor’s Conference Hall on August 15, 2018. It was a nation-wide meeting coordinated by the Department of Resource and Development, involving relevant offices at both national and state levels, with participation from civil society and the private sector, to address issues impeding concerted efforts for social and economic development in the FSM. The objective of the conference emphasized the need to work together for better results.

The purpose of the conference resulted in the need to sharing ideas and agreeing on specific means to contribute toward coordinated implementation of activities to support our overall goals for social and economic development. In line with that, it occurred that presentations were given by different government agencies, both national and state levels, as well as other NGO’s.

The FSMSSA Administrator delivered his presentation on overall operations of the program. He touched on the history of the FSM Social Security and discussed the financial statements, wage earner counts and the history of Social Security taxes. The history of Social Security Program went way back since 1968 with its establishment under Trust Territory times. Fifteen years later after the dissolution of the Trust Territory Times, it then became the FSM Social Security Administration. Its governing body consisted of the Board of Trustees, a representative from each State level, as well a National representative and Administrator as Ex-Officio. There are 6,000 plus beneficiaries today. As a matter of fact, benefits paid out were always higher than tax paid in. Therefore, the FSMSSA tax division with its regulations are ongoing with their collections even with the challenge of the delinquents and so forth.




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Board of Trustees Member- Kosrae represent

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Mr. Nena C. Ned of Kosrae State was confirmed by the FSM 20th Congress to serve as member of the Federated States of Micronesia Social Security Board of Trustees, representing the state of Kosrae. Pursuant to section 701 of Title 53 of the Code of the Federated States of Micronesia, the President shall appoint the members of the Board of Trustees for the FSM Social Security Board, subject to the advice and consent of congress. Mr. Ned has professional experience and qualifications which make him a suitable candidate to serve as a member of the FSM Social Security Board of Trustees. He was once a long time member of the program Board of Trustees in 1997 to 2003. Mr. Ned not only served as Board member to FSMSSA, but also to other entities in both the State and National level back then. Additionally, he had worked for the nation ever since 1980’s and presently he is the General Manager for Kosrae State Terminal & Stevedoring Company. Obviously, he had been serving the FSM and State government for a long time now. Mr. Nena Ned owns a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice along with other certifications of accomplishments. Personally, Mr. Ned’s hobbies include fishing and baseball.