FSMSSA participates in 8th FSM National Women’s Conference

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FSMSSA participates in 8th FSM National Women’s Conference

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On August 28, 2018, FSMSSA Deputy Administrator Francky Ilai attended the International Women’s conference held in Pohnpei at the College of Micronesia, FSM- China Friendship gym. Every year this conference was held, and women all over Micronesia come together to attend and learn from each other, as well share ideas and issues needed for awareness. This year’s theme was: “Continue to build and support social development that is inclusive for women across FSM”. The objectives of the conference included providing a platform where women from the four states can come together and engage in discussions on matters/issues affecting them, to have a forum where FSM national and state level stakeholders can harmonize their understanding and status of women’s issues in relation to different policy frameworks at the national, regional and international level and to unify the collective efforts of the country’s response to resolving women’s issues, and to engage the participants of the forum with resource people in different fields to uplift the level of understanding and support for women and girls in FSM. Deputy Administrator Ilai made a presentation that touched on issues relevant to women as stakeholder in Social Security. Generally he shared the history of the program since its establishment, along with its financial status and performances. He further touched on the types of benefits offered and specifics of eligibilities. Part of the presentation was based on taxes paid. Ilai as well shared the challenges the program had been or is faced with, as shown in the diagram below.

After all, questions were then raised for clarifications.