New hires & promotions

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New hires & promotions

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Ms. Jena Victus of Chuuk began another of her work experiences with the FSM Social Security as the Investigation Officer in November 2018. The Investigation Officer plays an important role in the program as in carrying out specific tasks concerning Investigations which had been an arising need in social security terms. The program looks forward to seeing Jena assist in any way she could with ongoing and future investigations. Ms. Victus is confident to perform to the best of her abilities and believes to be gaining more as well as she gives. Jena felt happy and blessed upon being hired. Welcome Aboard.

FSMSSA Chuuk Branch welcomed Ms. Imoreen Mori in November 2018 as she was selected to be the Technical Specialist. The Technical Specialist at the branch office provides assistance in terms to tax collection, claim processing, data collection, tracking delinquencies, conducting employer audits, analyzing payment agreements and other duties required in the field. With her educational background and work experiences, Imoreen will be able to carry out the job goals in this field. She looks forward to enhancing and protecting organization’s value by doing the best she could possibly be. Upon being hired, she felt blessed and thankful. It would be a great opportunity for her to practice her expertise with her career.  Welcome Aboard.

Ms. Harriette Harris of Pohnpei is now the Technical Specialist at the FSMSSA-Pohnpei Branch office. Over a year ago, she was on contractual services at HQ office where she assisted with the IT division with their filing and other data inputting process. Her exemplary performance over the course of  her work was satisfying and her abilities were needed in another field. Her interests led her to a career more challenging as she joined the Pohnpei Team to be serving beneficiaries of the FSM. Ms. Harris feels happy and thankful for this new challenge would be of more benefits to herself and as she looks forward to try her best in her duties, it would benefit the program and its constituents. Welcome Aboard.

Mrs. Liana B. Nakayama was promoted to being the Assistant Manager of FSMSSA Chuuk Branch Office in November 2018, after 10 years of service to the program as the Technical Specialist. With her years of experience and educational background she was selected by FSMSSA Admin as eligible to carry out the goals of the Assistant Manager. The Assistant acts in place along with duties as in assisting with Tax collection as well claim processing. With the job’s specific goals, the program fully support and hopes to ensure that she will still be an asset to the program. Mrs. Nakayama felt really privileged and happy to be selected and looks forward to carrying out the best she could with her goals. Good Luck to all.