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Location: FSM Social Security Administration, Kolonia, Pohnpei FM

Opening Date:January 9, 2020
Closing Date:January 24, 2020

Position: Tax Administration Assistant

Salary Range: $5,000.00 to $13,000.00 per annum
(Depending upon qualification)

The Federated States of Micronesia Social Security Administration is seeking for a qualified candidate to fill the position of a Tax Administration Assistant. This position reports directly to the Tax Administration Officer. Responsibilities for this position include assisting the Tax Administration Officer’s duties of enforcing Social Security tax law requirements. This position is very team-oriented and highly interactive with all the branch offices.

Nature of Work:

1. Determine that Branches provide complete and correct documentation for collecting all proper social security tax revenue;

2. Determine that all audit computations are complete and accurate and that the delinquent employers are updated in the FSMSSA database system;

3. Assist Tax Administration Officer and branches in all facets of audit work, including legal aspects;

4. Determine that all tax returns and tax data are maintained in a complete, accurate and orderly manner;

5. Assist Tax Administration Officer in coordinating delinquent employer payment agreements and schedules and make recommendations on dealing with delinquent employers;

6. Maintain adequate filing and retrieval systems on all tax collection matters;

7. Perform other duties as assigned.

Requirements of Work

Must have great work ethics, strong mathematical skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong analytical skills, interpersonal skills and be computer literate. Must have knowledge of basic audit and accounting principles.

Education & Work Experience Requirements

Position requires a degree in Business Administration or related field or equivalent. Experience in payroll processing or preparation of employer’s Social Security tax returns is a plus.

Application Instruction
Any interested candidates should obtain application form at any Social Security Branch Office or Headquarters. Submit the application or show postmark if mailed, no later than January 24, 2020 along with diplomas and/or transcripts to any of the Social Security Branch Offices or to:

Federated States of Micronesia Social Security Administration
P.O. Box L
Kolonia, Pohnpei FM 96941

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FSMSSA Employee Promotions

In February 2014, Robert Carlos (RC) began working at the FSMSSA as the Tax Assistant Officer. He had assisted the Tax Division in carrying out the duties of the division for years. Within the years he applied for another position in the Claims Division and was hired the Claim Analyst. As per duties differ in these Divisions, RC had different work experiences within the program divisions , which led him best qualified to be the new Claim Officer. Along with the qualities he possess and his work performance over the years, he had been promoted to be Claim Officer in May 2019. The Claim Officer reports directly to the FSMSSA Deputy Administrator. Responsibilities are to ensure that all claims made on FSM Social Security are processed in an entirely equitable, competent and on timely manner and that all beneficiaries of FSMSSA are treated strictly in accordance with the FSM laws and FSMSSA policies, processes, procedures and practices. The program looks forward to achieving its goals in terms referred to dealing with Claims within the Social Security System entrusting the work of this young man productively.

Briona Halverson had been with the program for over 10 years now. She began her experience with the FSMSSA Accounting Division as the Account Analyst. She had excelled with her duties in that division serving the program in so many years. With winds of change, she wanted to explore more and serve another division. Therefore, beginning May she started a new experience in the Claims Division as the Claim Analyst. The claim analyst is to assist the Claim Officer in ensuring that all aspects of FSM Social Security law and FSM Social Security Administration policies and practices, which relate to claims and associated matters, are rigorously conformed to at all times. With the skills and knowledge she possess, she is able to take on the new experience serving the claims division for all FSMSSA beneficiaries. She feels happy to be continuing serving the system under new job goals and her interest will surely assist her in support of task completions. FSMSSA looks forward to receiving good results as all employees always strive for to be better serving the FSM citizens.

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FSMSSA attends Public Hearing with Health & Social Affairs Committee

FSM Congress committee on Health & Social Affairs called for a public hearing on May 17, 2019. FSMSSA responded with the presence of Mr. Jack Harris, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Board Member Mr. Nakama Sana, Administrator Alexander R. Narruhn, and Deputy Administrator Francky Ilai. FSMSSA comptroller Ms. Tessie Dayao was in attendance. Committee members present included Chairman Ferny S. Perman and member Paliknoa K. Welly along with two Congress Legal Counsels.  The committee needed program updates especially on Financials of the FSMSSA. Administrator Narruhn presented figures that opens minds giving information that could be addressed to the whole Congress about the financial status of the FSM Social Security Program. With the exchange of questions and answers, both parties were satisfied on the given information, whereas, FSMSSA looks forward to the continuation of the subsidies given by Congress to support functions of the program, especially with any type of benefit.


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