FSMSSA welcomes new hires on board

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FSMSSA welcomes new hires on board

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The FSM Social Security Administration, in servicing the island nation’s citizens, holds public awareness of the program and its affairs a priority.

FSM Social Security hires new Branch Assistant Manager

The FSMSSA Pohnpei Branch office announced a vacancy for the Assistant Manager position. Many capable individuals applied and as per procedure, one person was selected out of the many qualified individuals that applied.

The Assistant Manager at the branch office plays a very important role in the work structure of the office for its aim is to assist in ensuring that the requirements of FSM Social Security Law and FSM Social Security Administration policies, processes, procedures and practices are fully fulfilled at State level and that government’s and public’s understanding is good of what are the requirements and benefits of FSM Social Security Law, in particular for employers, employees and beneficiaries.

It requires great dedication and much energy, therefore, after a very careful selection; Trueleen J. Albert was hired as the new Pohnpei Branch Assistant Manager. Trueleen is a local from the village of Saladak in Uh municipality, Pohnpei State. She is married with three kids and a grandson. When not in the office, she dedicates her time to her family. She graduated from Saladak Elementary, then on to Bethania High School in Palau and the Community College of Micronesia as it was called before and received her certificates in General Studies.

In mid 1990’s, she worked various jobs, as she was employed at the Pohnpei State Office of Personnel, Labor & Manpower, Division of JTPA. Six years later, another opportunity called and she was then employed at the Peace Corps office FSM/Palau. She served in this job until she was employed on July 26, 2017 at the State Social Security office as Assistant Branch Manager.

Truleen was indeed very appreciative for another opportunity to serve the citizens of the country. She personally mentioned she was grateful for the opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience, and looked forward to the challenges the position brings. She looks forward to getting to know everyone and help continue the work done to support the senior citizens of the nation.

When asked what her vision or goal was, she replied, “My vision or goal as an employee is to take this new journey with an honest approach and open minded in enforcing policies, procedures and assisting both employers/employees in compliance to social security tax regulations, avail myself in serving social security beneficiaries with good judgment.”

With the nature of work at FSMSSA, Trueleen expects all to be a team for team work is the key to a healthy working environment. Moreover, everyone is expected to be professional and respectful of each other. It would always help if in such working environment, constructive feedback be provided to each other for the purpose of being accountable and responsible.

FSMSSA welcomes Mrs. Trueleen J. Albert aboard and look forward to be benefited for she would be an asset to the program.

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FSM Social Security Administration hires new Tax Assistant

Twenty-four years old Johnny-lu Panuel was hired as the Tax Assistant in the Tax Collection Division at the FSM Social Security Administration on August 7, 2017.

Responsibilities for this position include assisting the Tax Administration Officer’s duties of enforcing quarterly Social Security tax payment and employer’s reporting requirements. This position reports directly to the Tax Administration Officer. This is a very team-oriented and highly interactive position specifically with all the branch offices.

Mr. Panuel was well suited and qualified for the challenges inherent to the position. Panuel is from Pohnpei. He is a college graduate with an AA degree in Liberal Arts. His other notable education achievement was graduating from Xavier High School.

Johnny-lu has began his work experience in the private sector as the Assistant Manager and cashier at Gleetoes Store from 2012 until 2017. Earlier this year he was the Data Encoder at International Organization for Migration (IOM), until he was hired at the FSM Social Security as the Tax Assistant.

Upon being hired, he felt privileged and was excited to be a part of the FSMSSA’s efforts to accomplish its goals. He further stated, “Clear communication, team work and team effort is what I hope for when it comes to work and coworkers.” He wishes to give his best and is thankful for the opportunity to be part of the team serving the citizens of the FSM.

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