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FSM Social Security Administration holds its Biennial Conference

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Beginning December 12, 2016, FSMSSA held its one week Biennial Conference in Pohnpei at the Headquarters Office. The purpose of the biennial conference was mentioned in the welcoming remarks by the out going Chairman of Board of Trustees; Nakama Sana. He stressed the purpose of the conference as to again educate, recall, update and learn more about FSMSSA operations. This year’s conference was indeed productive to all FSMSSA staff, for a lot of information were shared and learned through presentations from many of the staff, which made it a very interesting one to many. As mentioned by many of the staff through discussions, this year’s conference came out better than the previous ones due to the specific topic presentations touched specifically on all program divisions. The five day of hard work listening, discussing, and obtaining information came out very educational to all FSMSSA staff and administration. Presentations were given by Administration, branch managers, division heads, branch members and HQ staff. Various topics were presented specifically inclusive of claims, accounting, tax, operations and information. For instance, the claims division specified on all types of benefits offered at the program which included disability, survivor, retirement,  and lump sum. The most helpful part of the conference came about when questions were raised after each presentation for better understanding and clarification especially for the new employees. It was indeed a benefit to all, refreshing mind of long time employees and helpful to those who were first timers.

The uniqueness of the conference this year was that Administrator Narruhn intended that all staff prepare and deliver a presentation in order for them to get used to program functions, as well a great development  for their own benefits now and then.  At its finale, FSMSSA concluded by celebrating the happy season together as one post under its umbrella, and enjoyed Christmas joyously.