Pohnpei Branch Assistant Manager

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Pohnpei Branch Assistant Manager

Category : Opportunities


Location: FSM Social Security Administration Pohnpei Branch, Kolonia, Pohnpei FSM

Opening Date: June 19, 2017
Position: Assistant Branch Manager Closing Date: July 4, 2017

Salary Range: Starting at $15,000.00 (depending upon qualifications)

The Federated States of Micronesia Social Security Administration is seeking for a qualified candidate to fill the position of the Assistant Branch Manager for the Pohnpei State Branch Office. This position reports to the Pohnpei State Branch Manager. The aim of this position is to assist in ensuring that the requirements of FSM Social Security Law and FSM Social Security Administration policies, processes, procedures and practices are fully fulfilled at State level and that government’s and public’s understanding is good of what are the requirements and benefits of FSM Social Security Law, in particular for employers, employees and beneficiaries.


Nature of Work


  • To carry out competently, assiduously and promptly any task or job delegated by the Branch Manager and to act in his place, should he be absent for any reason;
  • Assist with the collection on a timely and competent basis of all necessary and relevant data on claims, tax collection, delinquent employers etc. for transmission to Headquarters for appropriate action;
  • As instructed by the Branch Manager, carry out any claim processing and data collection in a planned, logical and timely manner;
  • As instructed by the Branch Manager, carry out all necessary requirements involving any tax collection, receipts or banking;
  • As instructed by the Branch Manager, conduct any employer audits and delinquent employer follow-ups in a competent and planned way;
  • Practice good customer relations in dealing with all State level FSM Social Security Administration stakeholders;
  • Assist in keeping all concerned in the State well informed on the requirements and benefits under FSM Social Security laws, by means of a public information program using any and all media outlets available;
  • Assist in ensuring that tax collections are both properly undertaken and accounted for;
  • Ensure the correct distribution of benefit checks to beneficiaries in the State;
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Requirements of Work


Applicant must have an excellent work ethic, with at least three years experience in an office situation. As the position requires constant interaction with clients, applicant must have good customer relation skills and be well-versed in the usual productivity computer software.


Education Requirements


Position requires a Degree in Business Administration, preferably with a major in Accounting.


Filing Instructions


Any interested candidates should obtain application form at any Social Security branch office or the headquarter. Submit the application or show postmark if mailed, no later than July 4, 2017, along with diplomas, degrees and/or transcripts to any of the Social Security offices or to:


            FSM Social Security Administration

            P.O. Box L

            Kolonia, Pohnpei FM 96941








Alexander R. Narruhn                                                June 16, 2017

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