FSM Social Security Administration hires new Office Assistant at Yap Branch Office

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FSM Social Security Administration hires new Office Assistant at Yap Branch Office

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Vivian Jade Ribilyan Guwaathag of Yap is the current Office Assistant at Yap Branch effective March 2018. The Office Assistant is to assist the Branch Manager and other Branch staff in ensuring that the Branch operates effectively, efficiently and competently and provides quality services or good customer relations with all dealing with the branch, either in person or by electronic communication. The Office Assistant reports directly to the State Branch Manager.

Twenty three years old Vivian graduated from St. Mary and continued four years at Yap Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), where she attained her high school diploma. She then attended College of Micronesia Yap Campus, and majored in Business Administration. While in college, she began her work experience as part of the work study program in college, being a cashier at the college snack shop and later an office assistant in the student services department. Pertaining to being hired, she was working as a cashier at a local store in her community.

Vivian, like many other also has goal to finding a job opportunity. Being hired by the FSMSSA was a great opportunity, which she looked forward to becoming a productive employee in servicing the citizens of the nation. In doing so, she had been greatly motivated to develop the skills she had, along with the new skills so that she may successfully perform her duties with outstanding results. Being productive as an employee, Vivian also hoped to become a positive impact in the system as an Office Assistant.

Upon being hired, Vivian mentioned, “I feel honored and blessed. I am most proud to be working for my people”. She felt motivated to deliver good outcomes, and would put all the effort she had for the job to be effective and helpful to the people.